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Woman Gives Birth To a “FROG” & Burns It In Public


A Zimbabwean woman gave birth to a ‘frog-like creature’ – before being ordered to burn its corpse in front of horrified villagers.Precious Nyathi, from the village of Gokwe, in the north west of the country, was eight months pregnant when she went into labour.

But her husband, Mr Nomore, was left baffled when the 36-year-old gave birth to ‘something strange’ which resembled an amphibious creature.

The baby later died in hospital before village elders ordered that the ‘frog-like creature’ be burnt in front of residents.

Nomore, 39, is quoted as saying: ‘I rushed home and was shocked to see a frog … that my wife had delivered. At the hospital they confirmed she went into labour but were equally shocked.’

Despite receiving medical attention, the baby later died at Gokwe District Hospital, according to local news website, The Herald.

Shocking pictures show the tiny body lying on a piece of paper on the ground.

Mrs Nyathi later told reporters: ‘I was expecting a child and this is what the heavens gave us. It’s a hellish experience that will haunt me all my life.’

The distraught couple took their baby home because they wanted to seek advice from ‘village elders as well as out local chief’.

The Herald reports that community leaders eventually ordered that the ‘frog-like creature’ be burnt.

The hospital confirmed the birth, with a spokesman adding: ‘She was our patient who would come for routine reviews together with other pregnant women.

We were shocked when she visited the hospital in the company of her husband and some neighbours saying she had delivered a frog’.

So far there has been no medical explanation for the unusual birth. Village chief Njelele said hospital authorities were unable to explain what had happened.

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  1. That tiny thing would not show like a 8 month old pregnancy. Surely the mother felt her baby moving. Did the hospital do no scans? No external examinations of the baby? This is either total rubbish from a rubbish paper or there is a baby missing. While realising there are some very strange beliefs in other parts of the world, without there being more detailed examination of the product of this pregnancy, there is no way of proving that there is not a baby missing. There are experts in Zimbabwe who would have explained if this could be possible. I am sure if the pregnancy had ended the embryo would have miscarried far earlier, for that size. No close up to see what, if any, human characteristics are identifiable.

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