World’s largest democracy is at a point where it considers about introducing reforms in it’s electoral system. There surely are some flaws which demand reforms. I would like to propose some basic reforms or some basic changes which would create great impact.

Parties should be held accountable to what they write in their manifesto, what they promise in media or what they speak at public gatherings. Soon after the code of conduct is implemented, the ruling party should be asked to present a report card of what they did while ruling in last tenure. The result should be tallied with their previous manifesto. Tally percentage should be shared with voters and if the tally percentage is below a set benchmark the party should either be fined heavily or should not be allowed to contest next elections. All this should be done on charges of fraudulent & betrayal to people. Then only it would be an accountable to people’s democracy.

For a population of 1.25bn people, we have 543 constituencies only. For such a diverse & large nation, the number of constituencies should be increased. This will help people represent themselves better. This would also increase the quality of decision.

Familism is the next issue. I’ve heard of a couple ruling a state for years & have witnessed the consequences. I am from Bihar. By now, you might have understood my indication. This nation won’t function on orders of a family.  Family members of politicians who have been  in power should not be allowed to contest election. They could work as a politician in their parties but should not contest elections.

These were few of my ideas about reforms in electoral system. I dream of an India where there would be no use of muscle & money. Every promise made would be fulfilled, and every Indian would proudly cast

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