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World’s largest democracy is at a point where it considers about introducing reforms in it’s electoral system. There surely are some flaws which demand reforms. I would like to propose some basic reforms or some basic changes which would create great impact. Parties should be held accountable to what they write in their manifesto, what they promise in media or …

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Indian Railways: World’s Largest Scam Network

Whether it be forcing its customers to buy things at twice the price, or giving you the blankets which are cleaned once in three months or its employees using their post for personal use. Indian Railways would probably the largest scam network in the world. Each day, each hour, each second thousands of scams are taking place on this network, …

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Short Clothes or Short Mentality

India is independent since 1947 & so are the people, but we are far behindĀ  ‘independence’ in many terms, one of them is the mentality of some people. They restrict girls & women from wearing ‘short clothes’. I don’t understand their mentality, why they restrict girls. Girls have equal rights to wear what they want as boys have, but in …

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Kota – The Suicidal City of India

Fortunately or unfortunately, I am in Kota. Kota is a developing city located in the south eastern part of India’s largest state – Rajasthan. Students from the nation (mostly North India) come here to prepare for the two national examinations of India (JEE & AIPMT), succeeding which they become the national professionals of India (Engineers & Doctors). Kota can be …

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