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Indian Media : What I See

Media is the fourth pillar of Democracy & should be mature and responsible, but today media is nothing but TRP or Paid Political Advertising.

Indian Viewers have witnessed the backing out of Indian media on various issues, they have told lies, they have shown wrong reports, they have hidden the truth & still we continue to trust upon them.

From showing Saas-Bahu shows at 2 or 3PM to bringing extreme foolish people on debate, they make every effort to get highest TRP.
Debates also have a funny side, no matter on which topic the debate starts, they always end with same topics, only a few debates are meaningful, specially those with no politicians.

Journalists continue to get richer & the common man continues to get even poor. Political funding is very common and you can easily identify the ‘paid’ tongue of a journalist.

Paid journalists often get angry when someone questions them, they think asking questions is their job only, and no one can question them.

26/11 is a major example of irresponsibility of media. Each and every step of the proceedings were made internationally public, which helped the terrorists sitting back in the neighbouring country. While  26/11 they put their lives under threat, but for what? To show the operation Black Tornado to Pakistan backed terrorists?
Indian would have preferred to fast and successful execution of the operation instead of watching a LIVE telecast. It is very clear too that if Indian Media would not have covered it so highly, the number of casualties could have been less.

Not all media houses are like this, but yes they are in a huge number & they have good TRPs but not the best.

There have been many instances when not not only a single media house but almost of the media houses have shown wrong, incorrect or even fake or doctored videos
Just for example, in the recent ‘Shaktimaan Case’ they said that the MLA broke his leg while the truth was far away from it.
Similarly, in JNU case they said that clean chit have been given to the accused but that haven’t till date.

It has been many times when a particular section of media has blindfolded themselves, probably because of the political funding.

Evolution in technology, race for highest TRP & political fundings have media house irresponsible for what they say and show.

A large part of Indian viewer is what they say is what they think/believe, but the time calls to analyse the news and then think/behave/act over it.


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