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Indian Railways: World’s Largest Scam Network


Whether it be forcing its customers to buy things at twice the price, or giving you the blankets which are cleaned once in three months or its employees using their post for personal use. Indian Railways would probably the largest scam network in the world. Each day, each hour, each second thousands of scams are taking place on this network, & the thing ¬†most interesting about this network is that all these scams happen with support of the administration in some form. I won’t believe that Suresh Prabhu doesn’t know about disparancy in meals charges on-board. I won’t believe that he doesn’t know that employees use unethical ways to get their or their family members’ & relative’s ticket confirmed. I never understood what& how they break the queue of passengers in waiting list.


All this happens under the nose of everyone, not all but most of the employees or most of the employees I’ve seen use their methods. There only are a few trains on which you can get food on the rate card price, probably they would have been raided before, but in most of the trains you would be charged double the MRP.

Indian Railways is a large network of employees, of machines, of ideas & of customers. IR lacks on machines, ideas & customer satisfaction.

Getting a good journey is so unexpected that if people get one, they tweet it to the ministry & minister that I travelled safe & they proudly re-tweet it.

Recently, a retired IAS officer made ‘catering-scam’ visible to public.¬†

Each journey we make with IR is filled with scams & joy, sometimes. However we choose to be the mute spectators & carry on with what’s happening because it has been happening since a long time & we are not agents of good change. You should raise your voice if you see something wrong or even if it seems to be wrong. You’re the customer & you’ve the right to ask questions.

All this is happening due to two reasons – our “chalta hai” attitude & never ending hunger of involved employees. If either of them is cured, Indian Railways would be the cleanest organization in this country.


All you have to do? Raise your voice. You’ll win for sure.

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