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Short Clothes or Short Mentality


India is independent since 1947 & so are the people, but we are far behind  ‘independence’ in many terms, one of them is the mentality of some people. They restrict girls & women from wearing ‘short clothes’. I don’t understand their mentality, why they restrict girls. Girls have equal rights to wear what they want as boys have, but in India – some people, some region & some rules restrict you from wearing what you want.
Politicians or so called ‘leaders’ also have same thought for girls, not all politicians have cheap thoughts but those who have, have the cheapest ones. How will a girl feel safe in ‘short clothes’ when her own state’s Chief Minister says “If a girl dresses decently, a boy will not look at her in wrong way” or when you blame girls’ clothing for rapes & then you’ll discuss Women Empowerment over a nice decorated podium with a glass of water there for you. They should not even use the word ’empowerment’ with the word ‘women’ , irony is that they are called leaders.
Religion ambassadors, I don’t know who has allowed them to restrict a human from wearing from what he/she wants specially when it doesn’t offend someone. No religion or community restricts a girl from wearing what she wants, they are those desperate religious leaders who to become famous present the facts of your religion in a manipulated manner, problem is that they receive blind  support from their pshyco-fans or chamchas.
No political party or leader or religion restricts you from wearing what you want, and if some does, it should be altered immediately.
There are the people who don’t have courage to show their cheap mentality on their own, so they hide behind irrelevant reasons like religion.
Article 21 of Constitution Of India  states that ” No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by law.” This is also defined as right to life.
They also assert the reason of women’s safety, they don’t understand that the only way which you can prevent crimes is by changing criminal’s mindset not by changing the situation, and who said that the only girls with ‘short clothes’ are attacked.

Those people need to change, they need to change their mentality and Yes it is their mentality which is short not anyone’s clothes. No religion has bad rules & bad rules have no religion. Politicians now in India can go to any extent to have a bright look on their future. You don’t need to care about them, you’re independent, do what you like. All the best.

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